12/23/20 Grif.Net – Snow Laughing Matter (part 7)

12/23/20 Grif.Net – Snow Laughing Matter (part 7)

Q: What do you =
call a playlist with the songs “Jingle Bells,” “Baby =
It’s Cold Outside,” and “Let it Snow” on =
A: A wintry mix


Q: What do you =
call it when it gets so cold that the cash machine won’t =
A: A spending freeze


Q: What do you =
call a hotdogging snowman?
A: A snowboat


Q: If snowmen =
can’t ride bicycles, tricycles, or unicycles, =
what can they ride?
A: Icicles


Q: Why do =
snowmen always get injured when playing sports?
A: Because they =
refuse to warm up


Q: Did you =
hear about the lenient sledding supervisor?
A: He lets everyone =


Q: =
What’s the best meal to eat in an igloo?
A: =


Q: Snowmen are =
everywhere in wintertime, but why is it that you never see snow =
A: Because they’re always having =


Q: =
What’s the biggest danger of building a snow dog?
A: =


Q: What do you =
say when you want to break the ice with someone?
A: Ice to meet =


Q: Why did the =
bodybuilder get a tattoo of Frosty on his stomach?
A: He wanted an =
abdominal snowman


And especially =
for lovers of English grammar . . .

Q: =
What’s the past tense of icy?
A: I thaw



Dr Bob Griffin

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