06/10/20 Grif.Net – A Weak with the Paraprosdokians (3)

06/10/20 Grif.Net – A Weak with the Paraprosdokians (3)

[A paraprosdokian is a figure of =
 in which the latter part of a sentence is surprising =
or unexpected for humorous or dramatic effect.
This word is =
from two Greek words meaning “beyond expectation.” It has =
given rise to many humorous “one-liners”. Third installment =
is about food and drink]


**Knowledge is =
recognizing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit =


**If tomato is =
a fruit, then ketchup is a smoothie.


**You are what =
you eat, which may contains nuts.


**I removed =
all the bad food from the house and found it =


**I ate a =
clock yesterday but it was very time consuming.


**I try to =
watch what I eat and yet my eyes just aren’t quick =


**There are a =
bunch of different crunches that affect the abs … my favorite is =


**Celery is =
95% water and 100% not pizza.



Dr Bob Griffin

"Jesus Knows Me, This I =