02/26/20 Grif.Net – My, How Moms Have Changed

02/26/20 Grif.Net – My, How Moms Have Changed

Modern Mom: “That word is =

My Mom: =
“Say that again and I’ll wash your mouth out with =


Modern Mom: “Good job trying one bite of the =
dinner I made. Now you can have Mac & Cheese”

My Mom: “You’ll eat what I make whether =
you like it or not. There are starving children in =


Modern Mom: “I packed your bento box with almond =
butter on whole grain, kale chips and a smoothie”

My Mom: “Grab a brown bag with a bologna =
sandwich on wonder bread, a couple cookies and a jelly-jar of =


Modern Mom: “I can see you’re upset. Take =
a deep breath and use words”

My =
Mom: “You better stop crying or I’ll really give you =
something to cry about”


Modern Mom: =
“You can’t walk around the block by yourself. I’ll =
drive you. Text me when you need a ride home”

My Mom: “Have fun. Take your bike and be sure to =
be home by dark”



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