01/28/19 Grif.Net – Notes on your Windshield

01/28/19 Grif.Net – Notes on your Windshield

“Sorry I =
followed your minivan so closely for 30 miles, but I was watching your =
kid’s movie and wanted to see how it =


“Hi. My =
name is Jack and I just accidentally hit your car as I was parking. =
People saw me, so I’m writing this note to make it look like =
I’m giving you my contact and insurance information.  =
I’m not.  Jack”


“People =
like you should take the bus.  Or learn to park =


“Saw you =
crying as you left your car. Cheer up, your hair will look better in a =
week or two.”


“Who =
taught you to park, Stevie Wonder?”


“Some =
people have a way with words. Me not.”


“Less =
expensive than having it towed.”  (Written in the peanut =
butter that covered his entire windshield)


“I =
followed you into the parking lot to see if your name was Katrina.  =
Your driving is a disaster.”



Dr Bob Griffin = =

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Knows Me, This I Love!"