06/09/17 Grif.Net – What I’ve Heard . . .

06/09/17 Grif.Net – What I’ve Heard . . .

I’ve heard that they are not going to make =
yardsticks any longer.


I’ve =
heard that you can get used batteries free of charge.


I’ve =
heard that not appreciating puns on a tombstone can be a grave mistake. =


I’ve heard that there are Flat Earth Society =
members all around the globe.


I’ve =
heard angry people say that autocorrect can go straight to =


I’ve heard that six out of seven dwarfs are not =
Happy.  (Yes, I’ve used that one before because it is sooooo =


I’ve heard that Waldo wears red-striped shirts =
because he doesn’t want to be spotted.


I’ve =
heard that when the bakery burned, everything was saved except the =
bread. (It was toast.)


I’ve =
heard that the world origami competition was on TV but only on =


I’ve heard that anyone who jumps off the Pont =
Neuf bridge is probably in Seine.


I’ve =
heard people say you have to hand it to short people.  Makes sense. =
They probably can’t reach it on their own.


I’ve =
heard that you can check out of the Hotel Facebook, but you can never =


I’ve heard that the headquarters building at =
Apple has no windows.



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