07/11/14 Grif.Net – Wrong Computer?

07/11/14 Grif.Net – Wrong Computer?

At the clinic our “front” computer (with mailing lists, pricing points,
correspondence – really not the important computers the doctors use) simply
quit. Kaput. Nothing. So looking to get an inexpensive replacement desk top
unit, and copy the old hard drive.

Our biggest fear, of course, is blowing $$$ on a clunker that’s not even fit
for a boat anchor. So I’m thinking these might be clear “caveats” when
choosing the right machine on my list:

10. The monitor is certified for low emissions by Jiffy Lube.

9. The logo on your receipt: International House of Lame Computers.

8. The infrared cordless keyboard has only 15 keys, and one of them is
marked Fast Forward.

7. You see the salesman you bought it from hawking genuine Rolexes on street

6. The sound board and speakers are a separate unit, and they receive only

5. Their ad campaign: PC? Apple? iPad? Laptop? Tablet? Those are so last
year. Try our nostalgic trip down memory lane with an 8088, 8-bit external
bus, 256 Hz 20 meg hard drive and amber screen!

4. It has only two expansion slots, and they just popped up a couple pieces
of toast.

3. It’s labeled “energy saving” only because there’s no power supply.

2. It looks just like one you got with your Happy Meal.

1. The sticker reads “Certified NVI” and fine print says “nothing of value

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”