03/25/21 Grif.Net – Church Typos (part 1)

03/25/21 Grif.Net – Church Typos (part 1)

(We’ve =
all seen typical “bulletin blooper” humor, but here are some =
newer ones to make you smile . . or cringe.)

“Couples =
celebrating anniversaries are eligible for a marriage vow removal =


“Next =
Sunday we will have a visiting minister speak at a luncheon.  Come, =
hear a good speaker then heave a great =


“As we =
enter the next phase of our church building program, we ask each one to =
playfully consider your =
financial pledges.”


“At last =
week’s business meeting, minutes were approved and the financial =
secretary gave a grief report.”


“Hymn =
sing in the park next Wednesday. Bring a blanket and come prepared to =


“Please =
put your donation along with any suggestions in the correction =


“The =
guest speaker from the County Jail Ministry will talk about Christian =


n Elders, Deacons and Officers: The monthly church bored meeting will be =
held this Wednesday at 8 pm.”


“Many =
have mentioned not being able to hear in church. We will rearrange the =
chairs and hopefully the agnostics will =


“Senior =
Saints in the church will enjoy an evening of fine dining, superb =
entertainment, and gracious hostility.”



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