03/08/21 Grif.Net – Good News

03/08/21 Grif.Net – Good News

A friend had =
been seeing Lorraine for some time.  He was not happy in the =
relationship but didn’t want to hurt her by just breaking it =
off.  Then he met Ms. Lee, a lovely lady who had just moved from =
Korea to the USA, and he was smitten.  He loved her smile, her =
laugh, and even her foreign-sounding first name, Kleer.  Now what =
to do?


He thought he =
should be honest with Lorraine and explain the situation of his =
mixed-emotions.  So he bolstered the courage and told her about her =
rival.  Of course, there were words and tears, but finally she said =
that if he would not commit to only seeing her, she would walk away and =
break off their friendship.


While hurting =
with the loss, he was inwardly relieved as well as excited about =
developing a deeper relationship with his new interest.  Alone in =
his apartment, he began strumming a tune to lift his spirits and sang, =
“I can see Kleer Lee now, Lorraine has gone . . . =



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