02/17/21 Grif.Net – Even MORE “Dad Jokes” from Church

02/17/21 Grif.Net – Even MORE “Dad Jokes” from Church

Q:  What =
brand of cigarettes did they smoke in Bible =

A:  =
Camels.  Genesis records “Rebecca lighted off a camel when =
she saw Isaac”


Q: Where did =
baseball originate?

A: It’s =
been around since Genesis 1:1 where it starts, “In the big inning =
. . . “ 

Q: What happened in the =

A: Eve stole =
first, Adam took second.  Later on, Cain struck out =


Q: Why =
wasn’t the second game played?

A: Noah and =
the kids weren’t happy because the angels and the giants were =
rained out


Q: Well, where =
did tennis begin?

A: In Egypt. =
Genesis records the first match, when “Joseph served in =
Pharaoh’s court”


Q: Who was the =
greatest babysitter in the Bible?

A: David. He =
rocked Goliath until he quietly laid down


Q: What brand =
of motorcycle was found in the Old Testament?

A: =
David’s “Triumph” was heard across all the land of =


Q: =
Wasn’t Solomon the smartest man in the =

A: No, Abraham =
was. He knew a Lot.


Q: Who was =
fastest runner in the Bible?

A: Adam. He =
came in first in the human race.


Q: What Bible =
character had a foul mouth?

A: Job, =
because he cursed the day he was born.



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