12/11/20 Grif.Net – Snow Laughing Matter (part 3)

12/11/20 Grif.Net – Snow Laughing Matter (part 3)

[Report from =
early Christmas celebrations]

The ski trip started great, but it =
all went downhill from there.


Mother knows =
best, but when winter comes, Mother =
Nature snows best.


I was trying =
to break the ice with a cute guy, but he kept giving me the cold =


For those of =
us who live in northern climates, winter is snow =


I am the ghost of Christmas Future Perfect Subjunctive: I =
will show you what would have happened were you not to have changed your =


When someone =
wishes me a “Happy December” instead of “Merry =
Christmas”, it always leaves me cold.


I thought we =
were going sledding, but we went skiing instead. You might say I was =


I was going to =
buy a necklace for my wife for Christmas, but when I asked her what she =
wanted she said “Nothing special”. So . . =



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