11/10/20 Grif.Net – Moral of the Story

11/10/20 Grif.Net – Moral of the Story

Wife and I =
were talking about two men mentioned in articles on our monthly rural =
paper. She asked if I remembered them.


I said, =
“I knew both of these men when they were teens 30 years ago.  =
One was a clever, handsome devil hat I never trusted, but the other was =
a steady, honest fellow.  I remember smiling to myself when the =
hard-working lad won the heart of the homecoming queen and later married =
her, while his rival fell short.”


She said that =
the hard-working husband was in the obituary column, passing a month ago =
but leaving a million dollar estate to his wife.  I commented that =
this was a good moral lesson on hard work and I’d use it as a =
sermon illustration.


Then she =
added, “Maybe you shouldn’t. Another article says that the =
other guy, the clever rascal, is now engaged to marry the =



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