09/19/20 Weekend Grif.Net – Under Divine Judgment

09/19/20 Weekend Grif.Net – Under Divine Judgment

inevitable is coming.


mp is temporary.


He =
may win again. He may not.


He =
may live a long time. He may die.


are terrified over it.


I =
get it. I used to be terrified of Democrats winning and relieved by =
Republicans winning, but I got older and became wiser. Now I am =
terrified regardless of which side wins because the trajectory of =
America stays the same no matter which brand of hard-left or soft-left =
gets to be captain for the day.


t’s the difference between us. You will gain nothing by arguing with me. =
I used to argue with people like me until I realized they were right and =
I was naive. You see, I no longer have visions of grandeur about the =
future of America under either party’s leadership. I can see further =
than "four years" at a time because I have paid very careful =
attention to the last 4000 years, and how nations declined.


h American political parties are horrid in the sight of God. They are =
both leading to the same end. They are filled with a spirit of =
lawlessness. They are secular and cosmic humanists.


teen years from now many will admit the next election didn’t matter =
nearly as much as the condition of the Christian religion in America =


Do =
you know where are all the people who told us George W. Bush was going =
to save America went? They moved-on from the subjective emotions of that =
goofy election season that no one cares about anymore. Today, they can =
be found grumbling about how much he sucker-punched them. He saw them =
for what they were – naive button-pushers. He duped those simpletons =
with old Karl Rove’s disingenuous marketing skills.


I =
know. Because I was the sucker he punched. Rove fooled me real good. I =
believed the smarmy marketing ploys. I prayed for that poor man every =
day, only to discover he had no intention of doing the things he =
promised. He proved it when his wife and daughter did a nation-wide =
crusade promoting baby-murder and sodomite "marriage" as soon =
as he left office.


At =
some point you realize we aren’t dealing with dirty old politics =
anymore, and what our real problem is cannot be negotiated in the halls =
of a filthy congress stacked with men who lie for a living. It cannot be =
adjudicated by a court system filled with traitors who break their oath =
to the original meaning of the Constitution, with impunity. Because our =
real problem is that we are under divine judgment. Once you really, =
truly realize that, you will ONLY vote (or refuse too) in an effort to =
please One Master Who is watching, and He isn’t registered in either one =
of our pathetic and perfidious political parties. He is =

[Cary Gordon]



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