09/11/20 Grif.Net – I Won!!

09/11/20 Grif.Net – I Won!!

A friend =
ordered breakfast at a local fast-food place. When she got her soda, she =
noticed that it has a "contest game piece" on the side of the =


She peeled off =
the sticker and instantly started screaming, "I won a motor =


She continued =
shouting, "I won a motor home!" until the clerk decided to get =
her boss to see if he could settle this.

"What’s the problem =
here?" the manager asked.

"I won a motor home!" =
she shouted again.

"That’s impossible!" he replied. =
"We didn’t give out motor homes."

She said "Well, =
that’s what it says right on this sticker."

The boss =
read the sticker and gently tried to explain “It says you Win a =


Dr Bob Griffin = =

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Knows Me, This I Love!"