08/17/20 Grif.Net – Going Postal (part 1)

08/17/20 Grif.Net – Going Postal (part 1)

[A couple =
weeks ago I posted some jokes about letter carriers in the postal =
service and response was so overwhelming (2 people said they liked it) =
that I’m devoting a week to more postal  humor] =


A lady bought =
a stamp at the post office and asked the clerk, "Shall I stick it =
on myself?"

The postal =
clerk replied, "It’ll get there faster if you stick it on the =


The post =
office says they’re raising the price of first-class stamps five cents =
because they need to upgrade their equipment.

Apparently, =
they’re going from semi-automatics Glocks to Uzis. =


What do you =
call Bob the Mailman after he retired?



I wrote a =
letter to the Postmaster General once on ways to improve mail =

Evidently, it =
got lost.


I remember =
when the Postal workers started a slow-down strike for a pay =

They had to =
call it off — nobody noticed.


I give ’em =
this though.  The rural letter-carriers are more considerate than =
their urban counterparts.

In small town =
stations, all of the packages marked "Fragile" are thrown =


One good thing =
about the Post Office — it’s over 200 years old and yet it’s never been =
hindered by progress.


I just got my =
new driver’s license in the mail the other day.

Unfortunately, =
it expired last month.



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