08/04/20 Grif.Net – Body Parts Quiz

08/04/20 Grif.Net – Body Parts Quiz

English is a strange language. Many of its words =
come from long-dead "folk languages" of Britain, Germany and =
Denmark that used short, guttural words to describe everything. These =
were incorporated into German, the MAIN SOURCE of common English words =


Many English labels of body parts are very short =
THREE-LETTER words.  Your task, if you choose, is to try to figure =
out as many 3-letter word names for body parts.  Pretend you are an =
ancient living along the North Sea or Baltic coast about the time of =
Christ. Start pointing to your body and what parts have short, 3-letter =


Not too hard to think of a few in just the blink of =
an ____

Now it’s your turn.  Figure there must be 25 =
or more.  Start making your list!!



Dr Bob Griffin = =

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