07/28/20 Grif.Net – Earning a Living

07/28/20 Grif.Net – Earning a Living

Students have =
asked me (their professor) about jobs with good wages or benefits, so I =


**Window =
Washers clear thousands.


**Naval =
Officers get commissions.


**Bakers seem =
to be rolling in dough.


**Gas Station =
Attendants spend all day pumping it in.


make money selling on eBay (most should start with their =


**Night =
Watchmen earn money without working a single =


**Dentists are =
often working on retainer.


er-Fitters like to make their own money.


**Cable TV =
Splicers at least make ends meet.


**Gamblers can =
make a small fortune (if they start off with a big =


**Sewer & =
Drain Cleaners make a gross profit.


**Jockeys are =
thorough breadwinners.


Me? I’m =
a college professor and a preacher. I make great money and can retire =
comfortably for the rest of my life, as long as I die next =



Dr Bob Griffin = =

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