04/13/20 Grif.Net – How’d Your Weekend Go?

04/13/20 Grif.Net – How’d Your Weekend Go?

We live in =
challenging times.  In this time of quarantine, my grandchildren =
and I are using skype, instant messenger, email and even >gasp< =
land line to communicate and keep spirits up.


I always ask =
them what they did this past week, and hear of video games, school work, =
siblings fighting and the rare occasional walk or =
out-of-the-house-lockdown routine. 


One turned the =
table on me and asked how MY weekend went.  =


So I said, =
“Light, Dark, Light, Dark, Monday”.  =


There was =
silence and deep breathing, and then (over the sound of eyeballs =
rolling) a feeble, “Okay, Grandpa”.

[sigh] Who will =
carry on this important work of lousy puns, pathetic jokes, and lame =
stories when Grandpa is gone??



Dr Bob Griffin

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