04/04/20 Weekend Grif.Net – Prayer

04/04/20 Weekend Grif.Net – Prayer

[Here is a =
prayer by Scott Walker, former Governor of Wisconsin.  I supported =
his efforts in that state (where I lived, earned BA and MA degrees and =
pastored two churches for 14 years) and enjoy his writing and =

Robert – Here is a prayer I wrote for the National Day =
of Prayer declared by our President. I hope it offers you comfort during =
this time of stress.  Cherish time spent connecting with family and =
friends on the phone or by video. God be with you! – Scott

Dear =

We need you!
We need you now more than ever. =

So many of =
us are afraid.

We don’t know =
what to think and who to believe.
We need you.

Each day =
increases our worry; worry for ourselves, our families, our friends and =
for our nation.

In fact, dear =
God, we worry for people all over the world.
We need you. =

Blame and bickering abound.

Calm voices of =
reason are hard to be found.
We need you.

The unknown is =
what frightens us the most.

For so many of =
us, we’ve been blessed to live in a place and a country where we have =
few if any fears.

Now we are =
scared of what comes next.
We need you.

For too long we’ve =
lived lives buried on our phones.

Or eyes stuck =
on TV from morning ’til eve.

We’ve lost =
sight of your Word.

And the peace =
that only you can bring.
We need you.

Please bless our =
family and friends.

Bless our =
neighbors – friend or foe.

Guide our =
leaders at this time.

Bring us =
We need you.

Take our hand and draw us near as we =
battle with our fear.

Help us find =
ways to reconnect with our family and friends.

Help us to =
look out for our neighbors and co-workers and students. =

Most =
importantly, help us reconnect with you.
Lord, we need you. =




Dr Bob Griffin = =

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Knows Me, This I Love!"