02/06/20 Grif.Net – Financial News from Japan

02/06/20 Grif.Net – Financial News from Japan

According to =
inside contacts, the Japanese banking crisis shows no signs of =
ameliorating. If anything, it’s getting worse.


Following last =
week’s news that Origami Bank had folded, we are hearing that Sumo Bank =
has gone belly up.


Now, Bonsai Bank =
plans to cut back some of its branches and Karaoke Bank is up for sale =
and is (you guessed it!) going for a song.


Meanwhile, shares =
in Kamikaze Bank have nose-dived, and 500 back-office staff at Karate =
Bank got the chop.


While Mitsubishi =
and Kawasaki Banks seemed to be accelerating promotions and engineering =
a new sales vehicle, analysts report that there is something fishy going =
on at Sushi Bank and the staff there fear they may get a raw =



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