01/20/20 Grif.Net – Funerals with Ole & Lena, part 1

01/20/20 Grif.Net – Funerals with Ole & Lena, part 1

le went to the doctor for a physical. After Ole was dressed the doctor =
came in and said, "I’m sorry Ole, but you are very sick and have =
only a few weeks to live."


le went home with a heavy heart to tell Lena the news. After Ole told =
Lena, he sat in his easy chair and Lena went to the kitchen. Soon Ole =
began to smell a heavenly aroma that came from their =


quot;Lena must really love me," thought Ole. “She knows I =
have only a few weeks and she’s making my favorite cookies!” =


e went into the kitchen and started to take a cookie. Lena slapped his =
hand away and said, "Ole, you can’t eat these. The cookies are for =
the funeral."


[Disclaimer: =
You may change names/ethnicity if these somehow offend you. Stand-up =
comic Red Stangeland of South Dakota used the Ole/Lena ethnic humor =
across the Midwest. "Norwegians can take a joke on themselves. =
Sadly, not all groups can do that."]



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