12/09/19 Grif.Net – Keeping Informed

12/09/19 Grif.Net – Keeping Informed

Debbie was taught, “There is safety in =
numbers.  My numbers are .22, .357, .45, 9mm, 30-06 and .38 =


Steve shared, “I’m the real package, but there =
may have been some shipping and handling damage.”


Boyd confided, “All I’m saying is, if we had a =
dungeon, my wife would decorate it with throw =


Mark said, “When I was in high school, I was in a =
gang that did everything together.  We called it the =
‘Marching Band’.”


Jeff thought, “Women spend more time wondering what =
a man is thinking, than that man spends actually =


Rick admits, “Most people write =
‘Congrats’ because they don’t know how to spell =


Gordy relates, “I used to have a can opener, but it =
quit working.  I still have it, but changed its name of a =
can’t opener.”


Susan claimed, “My New Year’s Resolution was =
to save $10,000 by Dec 31, 2019.  So excited I’m already at =


Karrie reminds, “Don’t wear headphones and =
listen to music while vacuuming.  I finished the whole house before =
I realized the vacuum had come unplugged.”


Scott sadly said, “I hear they’re not making =
shortbread any longer.”


Ken cried, “Every single morning, I walk down the =
block and get him by the same bike.  It’s a vicious =



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