11/25/19 Grif.Net – Marriage Counseling for Wayne & Mary

11/25/19 Grif.Net – Marriage Counseling for Wayne & Mary

[Reading his story, I’m thinking my friend/former =
co-worker Wayne and his bride may need some MORE counseling. He says . . =
. ]


My wife keeps telling me that I’m the cheapest person =
she’s ever known in all her life.
I’m not buying it.


My wife apologized for the first time ever today. Pleased =
me greatly.
She said she was sorry she ever married me.


My wife has interesting thoughts, but she thinks I don’t =
respect her privacy enough. 
At least that’s what it says in =
her diary.


My wife can be so plaintive at times. One time I =
remembered the car seat, the stroller, AND the diaper bag.
Yet, all =
she talks about is how I forgot the baby.


My wife said, "Wayne, you’ve just wasted your =
money" when I ordered a 6-foot wide frame for our wedding =

"Really?" I replied, =
"Well, I think you need to look at the bigger =


My wife thought I’d become obsessed with buying =
clothes since I had so many nice outfits.

Finally Mary said, "You’re a clothes hound! I can’t =
take it anymore! I’m leaving you."

"Wait!" I shouted. =
"I can change!"



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