11/05/19 Grif.Net – Kid’s Meal

11/05/19 Grif.Net – Kid’s Meal

I was in a =
hurry for supper, so took the kids by the drive-thru at Kentucky Fried =
Chicken. They wanted the kid’s meal with the drumstick.  So =
talking to the little speaker in the lane I asked for a kid’s meal =
with a leg.


The invisible =
lady asked, “Which side?”


I was startled =
and sat quietly trying to decipher why she’d ask me to make such =
an odd decision. 


Finally I =
answered, “The right side, I guess. But I don’t know what =
the difference is.”


After several =
minutes of laughter, she said, “No, Hunny. Which side would you =
like to go with the meal – fries, potato wedges, or mashed =


I mumbled a =
quick prayer, “Jesus, take the wheel. It’s been a long =


[thanks =
Darlene, for what certainly may be a true story]



Dr Bob Griffin = =

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Knows Me, This I Love!"