10/22/19 Grif.Net – Police Week, 2

10/22/19 Grif.Net – Police Week, 2

Someone stole =
the wheels off a police car.
The police are working tirelessly to =
find the perpetrator.


Someone stole =
all the toilet seats at the police station.
Officers said they are =
searching but still have nothing to go on.


Someone stole =
all the blunt pencils from the local elementary school.
Detectives =
are looking for clues, but just can’t see the =


Someone =
questioned why the riot police were the first to arrive each =
The mayor said they were just trying to beat the =

5000 hares have escaped from the zoo.
The police are =
combing the area.


Polce toay have sa they are nvestgatng a strng of ID =



Dr Bob Griffin = =

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Knows Me, This I Love!"