09/27/19 Grif.Net – Status Reports

09/27/19 Grif.Net – Status Reports

Bruce =
admitted, “I saw a letter lying on the doormat. The envelope said =
‘DO NOT BEND’, so I spent the next 2 hours trying to figure =
out how to pick it up.”


Sharon confessed: “In tsunami, the T is silent. In =
honest, the H is silent. In knee, the K is silent.  When mom is =
mad, the whole house is silent.”


Billy admitted, “If the self-check-out lanes at the =
store had mirrors, I’d definitely use them. I’d love to check =
myself out while I check myself out.”


Cheryle replied, “I’m so single, if I win a =
trip for two, I’d have to go twice.”


Tim reminded us, “You =
can’t be number 1 unless you’re =


Susan related, =
“My favorite hobbies are eating and complaining that I’m =
getting fat.”


Bill said, =
“We should legalize marijuana in all states, tax its sale and use =
the money to fix streets and roads and call it Operation =


Niki =
remembered, “When I was little my dad would put me in a tire and =
roll me downhill.  Those were the goodyears.”


Emery shared =
that his pastor has changed wording at funerals. “Saying =
‘dead’ seems harsh and severe, so we are now saying the =
person was ‘uploaded to the =


Reed recalled, “Yesterday was pretty memorable. I =
forget why.”


Juli shared, “My favorite superheroes are Baskin and =


Micah =
wondered, “I often lose sleep worrying about my =


Wayne mentioned, “Finally, at age 76 everything is =
starting to click for me.  My knees, my back, my elbows, my =



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