08/12/19 Grif.Net – Shout Out to Grandfathers

08/12/19 Grif.Net – Shout Out to Grandfathers

[Hey, you know it’s the only way they’ll =


*My grandpa says he survived mustard gas and pepper =
spray during the war.  He said this made him a seasoned =


*My grandpa told me he’d personally seen the =
Titanic, and from the beginning he warned people that ship would sink =
and no one listened.  Finally he was kicked out of the =


*My grandpa collapsed and we called paramedics. He was =
old and couldn’t remember his blood type, so they could not help =
him.  As he died, he kept whispering “be positive, be =
positive”, but it’s hard without him.


*My grandpa =
is really frustrated that he has to use a chair lift to go =
upstairs.  I think it’s driving him up the =


*My grandpa saw me watching soccer on TV and asked =
“Who’s playing?”.  I said it was =
Austria-Hungary.  Then he asked, “Against =


*My grandpa always said, “Don’t watch your =
money; watch your health.”  One day while I was watching my =
health, someone stole my money.  I think it was =



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