08/06/19 Grif.Net – Status Updates from my Friends

08/06/19 Grif.Net – Status Updates from my Friends

Tim said, “If you boil a funny bone, it turns into a =
laughing stock. I find that humerus.”


Billy said, =
“My therapist told me ‘Write letters to people you hate and =
burn them.’  Did that, but now I don’t know what to do =
with the letters.”


Maria said, =
“I signed up for my company’s 401k, but now I’m =
nervous. I’ve never run that far =


Ken said, “It’s been a strange day. First, I =
found a hat full of money. Then, I was chased by an angry man with a =


Scott said, =
“My Facebook time-line looks like the nursing home has picture =


Miguel said, =
“My wife complained that the way my life was revolving around =
Facebook had destroyed the way we communicate as a family, so I blocked =


Sue said, =
“I can’t believe I got arrested for impersonating a Congresswoman. =
I was just sitting there doing nothing.”


Len said, =
“Tried calling the tinnitus hot line. No answer.  Just kept =
ringing and ringing.”


Wayne said, =
“I wanted to go jogging, but as a Bible believer I read Proverbs =
28:1 that says ‘the wicked run when no one is chasing them’ =
so there’s that.”


Marilyn said, =
“I don’t call it getting old.  I say I’ve =
outlived my warranty and living beyond my expiration =



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