02/12/19 Grif.Net – Jobs

02/12/19 Grif.Net – Jobs

[Marilyn =
shared a story about employment history.  Figure it may be =

I got a job at the custom wheel shop but I got =


So then I went =
to work for the muffler shop, but it was =

I took a stab =
at selling knives but I just couldn’t cut it.  =


Then I tried =
being a lumberjack but I couldn’t hack that =

I thought =
about being a historian but there was no future in =

I got fired =
from the watch factory because I kept making faces.

I used to work =
for Pepsi until I tested positive for Coke.

So I finally =
ended up at the coffee shop, but it was the same old =


I quit my job =
at the helium balloon factory. I refuse to be spoken to in that =

My origami =
business folded.


I was gonna be =
a psychic, but I didn’t see it in my future.


I tried to be =
a mechanic but I went nuts with screwing up and =


Finally when =
seeking another job I was asked, “What do you do?"
"I =
work for my dad"
“Well, what does your dad do?" =

"Oh he’s retired" 


So, now I’m =
self-employed, but had to fire myself for embezzlement and for showing =
up late after lunch every day.



Dr Bob Griffin = =

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Knows Me, This I Love!"