01/21/19 Grif.Net – Driving

01/21/19 Grif.Net – Driving

[Random =
Observations about Driving]


“Someone =
complimenting me on my driving. They even left a little note under my =
wiper saying, ‘Parking Fine”.


“It =
takes 8,640 screws and bolts to assemble an automobile, and one nut to =
scatter it all across the road.”


“The =
best car safety device is a rear view mirror with a cop in =


“When =
buying a used car, punch the radio buttons. If all the stations are =
heavy metal or hard rock, there’s a good change the transmission =
is shot”


“Any man =
who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving =
the kiss the attention it deserves.”



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