01/19/19 Weekend Grif.Net – For my Grandkids to Understand

01/19/19 Weekend Grif.Net – For my Grandkids to Understand

You all know =
your grandpa’s house.  Let’s say I have a yearly budget =
of $44,070.00 to spend on everything I =
need.  And I need a lot, so every dollar is precious.

I want =
to put a fence around my yard to protect you kids when you’re =
playing.  It will cost $57.00 to fence it adequately to keep out =
people who might harm you, have illegal drugs or such. It will also have =
a nice gate for people to come in =


Can you =
imagine your grandma getting so upset over this that she says, “I =
will not
work, I will =
not buy gifts or give an allowance for the grandkids, and no bills will =
be paid until Grandpa gives up his idea of fencing in our yard and =
wasting that $57 dollars!"


CRAZY, you’d say.  Only crazy people think that way. =


Now, =
let’s use the actual dollar amounts in the United States of =
America’s HUGE budget.


We have an =
annual budget of $4.407 trillion.  Our President is asking for $5.7 =
billion out of it to protect our borders with a fence, wall and other =
methods to keep people out unless they come by a gate =


And Democrat =
leaders Pelosi and Schumer have halted our government over this. It is A =
REAL problem that they keep denying or calling “fake”, and =
when you consider it, a trivial amount to put up the fence. =


I know.  =
You will say, “But Grandpa, THAT IS =



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