10/03/18 Grif.Net – More Ramblings

10/03/18 Grif.Net – More Ramblings

People often =
ask where I get inane jokes and humorous stories that I post on my daily =
blog.  Often, from YOU.  Here is some more drivel from my =
“friends” that, as a  public service, I pass along to =

Scott: I was =
sitting, drinking coffee in my slippers this morning. I thought to =
myself, I really need to wash some mugs.


Wayne: =
Pharaohs were buried with their arms crossed over their chests because =
ancient Egyptians believed they rode a waterslide into the =


Paul: Water is =
the most essential element of life, because without water, you =
can’t make coffee


Ken: =
Someone’s been adding soil to my garden, but I don’t know =
why.  I think the plot thickens.


Danielle: =
Found ringtone that says “Amen”.  Now I no longer have =
to slience my phone in church.


Alex: On my =
tombstone I want it to say, “He exercised every day of his life =
and died anyway.”


Ken H: I =
thought growing old would take longer.


Melvin: A bird =
in the hand makes it difficult to blow your =


Elizabeth: To =
be frank I would have to change my name.


Gino: Stop =
complaining about your life.  There are people who literally live =
in Wyoming.



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