07/30/18 Grif.Net – Home Again

07/30/18 Grif.Net – Home Again

[But the =
cruise ship humor floats on]


Odd questions =
asked on board our ship and answers courtesy of the crew (if needed; =
some are “duh” questions)


Q: “Is =
the water in my cabin’s toilet fresh water or sea =

A: [Room =
Steward] “I don’t know. I haven’t tasted =


Q: “What =
time is the Midnight Buffet?”


Q: “Does =
the crew sleep on board ship like we do?”
A: [Cruise Director] =
“No, late at night they are put in lifeboats and towed behind the =


Q: “If =
there are no names on the pictures the ship’s photographer takes, =
how can we tell which are ours?”


Q: “Is =
the water in the ocean real?  What is it made of?”
A: =
[Purser] “It is two parts hydrogen and one part =
Q: “See, I said it was fake, didn’t =


Q: “Does =
the elevator go to the front of the ship?”


Q: “Will =
this mediocre band blasting their horns in the Dining Room play anything =
I ask?”

A: [Waiter] =
“Of course, my lady!”

Q: =
“Good. Could you tell them to go play ‘shuffleboard’ =



Dr Bob Griffin = =

"Jesus =
Knows Me, This I Love!"