03/16/18 Grif.Net – Struggles with Food

03/16/18 Grif.Net – Struggles with Food

[Continuing a =
snail-paced adventure on dieting]


"Fake =
news," I whisper to myself as the bathroom scale shows me gaining =
another pound.


My all-time favorite =
machine at the gym is the one where you put money in and cool snacks =
come out.

So my new year’s resolution was to eat more natural =
foods. Now it’s March, and I found out most people die of natural =
causes, so that ends this experiment.


Went to a vegan =
restaurant for lunch today. Kind of embarrassed. Turns out it was a =
florist shop.


Research has show =
that 2 minutes of laughter burns the same number of calories as 20 =
minutes of jogging.  So you can find me on a bench in the park, =
eating popcorn and laughing at joggers.



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