12/22/17 Grif.Net – Fa La La, La La

12/22/17 Grif.Net – Fa La La, La La

What’s =
the best Christmas present?  A broken drum (I heard you just =
can’t beat it).


Warning: If =
you start a fire in the fireplace on Christmas Eve, you may be visited =
by Krisp Kringle.


one who believes that men are the equal of women has never seen a man =
trying to wrap a Christmas present.


Why were there =
only three kings at Jesus’ birth?  Elvis had not yet entered =
the building.


What’s =
the best part of Christmas shopping? When you know it’s a =


My 8-year old =
daughter mailed a letter to Santa regarding the gifts she wants. Santa =
has now written back with the details on how to vacuum a =



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"Jesus Knows Me, This I =