11/11/17 Weekend Grif.Net – Advice from Veteran’s to New Recruits

11/11/17 Weekend Grif.Net – Advice from Veteran’s to New Recruits

[We honor our Veterans on this special Armistice =
Day edition. And share some advice the older generation of vets wants to =
pass down. Okay, it may include humor, less traditional thoughts and =
more ‘oddball’ advice, but . . . ]


>Friendly fire – isn’t. Recoilless rifles – =
aren’t. Suppressive fire – won’t.


>You are not Superman; Marines and fighter =
pilots take note.


>A =
sucking chest wound is Nature’s way of telling you to slow down. =


>If it’s stupid but it works, it isn’t stupid. =


>Try to look unimportant; the enemy may be low =
on ammo and not want to waste a bullet on you.


>If =
at first you don’t succeed, call in an air strike.


>If =
you are forward of your position, your artillery will fall short. =


>Never share a foxhole with anyone braver than =


>Never forget that your weapon was made by the =
lowest bidder.


>If =
your attack is going really well, it’s called an ambush. =


>The enemy diversion you’re ignoring is their =
main attack.


>The enemy invariably attacks only on two =
occasions: when they’re ready and when you’re not.


>There is no such thing as a perfect plan. =


>Five second fuses always burn three seconds. =


>A retreating enemy is probably just falling =
back and regrouping.


>There is no such thing as an atheist in a =



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