09/07/17 Grif.Net – I Hate Dentists

09/07/17 Grif.Net – I Hate Dentists

My regular =
dentist gave sage advice years ago: “Don’t outlive your =
teeth”.  I didn’t listen.


Next week I =
get to have 3 roots cut out (teeth broke over the past two years) and 2 =
more teeth extracted.  This is in addition to the 4 already broken =
and cut out a couple years ago. I’ll be =
‘Bob-the-plastic-mouth’ when it heals.  It was painful, =
took a long time to recover, and so thankful that we had another elder =
in the church to preach then as he will this =


So, in =
preparation, I asked the oral surgeon, “Will this hurt me as much =
as the last time?

With a knowing look he answered, “Only =
when you get my bill”.



Dr Bob Griffin

"Jesus Knows Me, This I =