07/31/17 Grif.Net – Short on Cash

07/31/17 Grif.Net – Short on Cash

[After a week in California with grandkids, I find =
I’m now about broke.  How do I know?]


10. =
American Express called and said: "Next time, leave home without =


9. I’m formulating a plan to rob the Los =
Angeles food bank.


8. =
Long distance companies don’t call me to switch.


7. I =
just robbed Peter, and now I’m looking for Paul.


6. I =
cleaned out under the seats in the rental car, hoping to find change. =


5. My retirement investments now consist only of =
lottery tickets.


4. =
I’m eating generic bologna that has no first name. =


3. Got a care package on Amazon Prime from Feed the =


2. McDonalds now supplies me with all my kitchen =


1. At =
communion yesterday I asked for seconds.



Dr Bob Griffin = =

"Jesus Knows Me, This I =