05/04/17 Grif.Net – Things I’ve Learned

05/04/17 Grif.Net – Things I’ve Learned

I think I’m going to hire the =
same landscaper I used last year – he was a hard worker and really easy =
to get a lawn with.


I am warning my granddaughters =
never date a tennis player.  Seems like love means nothing to =


I finally figured out what =
AIBOHPHOBIA is.  It is a fear of =


I learned that vultures think clowns taste =


I found money is not a great substitute for =


I expect that no matter how I try to protect my kids, =
they may end up in the local paper.


I know that =
family will not always be there for me . . . unless I win the =


I’ve seen that you cannot make people love you, =
but stalking them does make them feel closer.


I expect =
trouble when I hear the toilet flush and then the words “Uh =


I discovered top-load high-efficiency washers when =
overloaded get unbalanced easily.  We have much in common. =



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