04/25/17 Grif.Net – Virtues of Being from Wyoming

04/25/17 Grif.Net – Virtues of Being from Wyoming

When God created the world for humankind to prosper =
and multiply, He decided to give each group two virtues.  Examples =
– He made the Japanese patient & hardworking; He made the Germans =
tenacious & hard-headed; He made the Americans organized & =
pragmatic, etc.


When =
it came to Wyoming, however, God told the angels, "Wyomingites are =
going to be intelligent, honest and democrats."  =


When God finished creating the world, the angel =
noticed that God had given every group two virtues except those in =
Wyoming who had received three.  Thinking this would give an unfair =
advantage to those fortunate enough to be in Wyoming over the lesser =
groups of human beings living elsewhere, he pointed this out to =


God agreed, but since virtues given by God cannot =
be changed, He proclaimed simply: From now on Wyomingites will KEEP =
their three virtues, BUT they can only USE two at a =


This =
obviously explains today’s reality –
Why a Wyomingite who is a =
democrat & honest, cannot be intelligent. 
Why one who is =
intelligent & a democrat, cannot be honest.
And why one who is =
intelligent and honest can never be a democrat.


[feel =
free to change to your state or your political party – this just =
works well for Wyoming where I live]



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