02/18/17 Weekend Grif.Net – Good News from Afar

02/18/17 Weekend Grif.Net – Good News from Afar

My friend had hip replacement surgery a couple months =
ago and when I told her hubby this week to say we hoped she was doing =
better, he shared this story about encouragement she’d gotten in =
her recovery:


She was talking on the phone to her granddaughter in =
another state.  She is 3 and in pre-school.  The youngster was =
concerned about how grandma was feeling after the operation.   =
She told her she was doing well but missed her sweet granddaughter and =
couldn’t wait to go see her when she could travel =


After a moment the little girl asked, “Grandma, =
would it make you feel better if I sent you a =


Her =
grandmother was amazed that such a young child would do this, so =
immediately responded, “Yes. It would cheer me up a LOT to get a =
letter from you!”


A couple =
days later in the mail came an envelope.  In it was a beautifully =
printed letter from her granddaughter.


It was a =



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