01/10/17 Grif.Net – Mind Your Manners Quiz

01/10/17 Grif.Net – Mind Your Manners Quiz

[ANOTHER “Throwback Classic Grif Net” =
from 20 years ago when we started the blog]


Read =
the "Complete Guide to the New Manners of the 90’s" by Letitia =
Baldrige so give my readers a quiz on how well they "mind your =
manners".  This is SERIOUS, although some of the choices =
aren’t!  Each answer is 10 points –


Multiple Choice

1. When someone asks you to pass the salt, =

  a. Say, "Can’t =
you reach it?"

  b. Pass =
both salt and pepper

  c. =
Pass the salt only

  d. =
Refuse, reminding them of how bad salt is in the American =


2. When a little bug crawls out of your salad, =

  a. =

  b. Point it out to =
your host and take your plate to the kitchen

  c. Kill the bug and drop in under the =

  d. Let it crawl about =
the table; it won’t eat much


3. =
When you’re bothered by food between your teeth, you:

  a. Ask for a toothpick

  b. Take a big drink of water and swoosh it =
around your mouth

  c. Use =
your fingernails to dig it out

  d. Excuse yourself and take care of it =


4. When you accidently slop spaghetti sauce on your =
neighbor, you:

  a. Blot her =
blouse with your napkin

  b. =
Let everyone know how clumsy you are and how it was an =

  c. Apologize and =
offer to pay the dry-cleaning bill

  d. Laugh until you cry


5. =
When you must leave during a meal, you put your napkin:

  a. Folded on table next to your =

  b. On the seat of =
your chair

  c. Draped on the =
back of your chair

  d. In =
your purse or pocket and take it with you



6. =
You must never put your elbows on the table.


7. You =
may mop up sauce/gravy on your plate with bread, but only if you spear =
the bread on a fork.


8. =
When setting a table, the blade of the knife is set inward facing the =
right side of the plate.


9. At =
a dinner party, bar-b-qued spare ribs should be eaten with a fork and =


10. It is rude to salt your food before you taste =





1. B

  2. C

  3. D

  4. C

  5. B

  6. FALSE

  7. TRUE

  8. TRUE

  9. FALSE

10. TRUE


Possible 100 points

80-100 =3D Manners Royalty.

60-80 =3D Golden, but need some spit and =

40-60 =3D Emergency =
Etiquette training needed

0-40 =
=3D Raised by wolves




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