12/27/16 Grif.Net – BACK THEN Life Was Simpler

12/27/16 Grif.Net – BACK THEN Life Was Simpler

Thinking back to when I was 9 (yeah, sixty years ago) =
and how life has changed since.  Not on every matter, but on so =
many I’d wish it was back in a simpler time.

asked my dad for a penny for the gumball machine. TODAY, kids ask for =
$300 for a new phone.


if I called someone and they didn’t answer, I figured they were =
out and I’d call back later.  TODAY, if kids don’t get =
an immediate response they become depressed and wonder why everyone =
ignores or hates them.


I’d sit with awe and watch the gas station attendant fill the car =
(18.9 cents a gallon), check the oil, and wipe our windows.  TODAY =
I stand alone in -25F and 35 mph wind for the privilege to doing it =
myself for 15 times the cost.


if I got a bad grade in school my parents would apply the board of =
education to the seat of learning, and it hurt.  TODAY, kids would =
be coddled and parents blame the teacher, demanding she be =


*BACK THEN, if you saw me looking up in the air, it =
would be to see my kite.  TODAY, kids look up to take selfies with =
selfie sticks.


my Brownie Starflash allowed me to take 12 pix, send them for =
development, and paste photos in an album a couple weeks later. TODAY, =
kid’s phones take 4000 pix, and none are printed and they wonder =
what exactly IS an album??


a computer filled the room and 5 megabytes cost $120,000.  TODAY, a =
watch is more powerful and a 65,000 megabyte chip (size of my thumbnail) =
is $40.


*BACK THEN, if I had a couple minutes to spend waiting =
I played with a yoyo, played jacks or catch or tag, or <gasp> read =
a book. TODAY, kids have a cell phone to play virtual games and never =
break a sweat on interact with another human.


I listened to the radio stories and used my imagination to =
“see” what was happening. TODAY, kids have movies on demand, =
680 channels on cable, and don’t have to use their =
imagination.  And I can’t mention what they =


I got cards, gifts or a party on my birthday. TODAY, kids get =
notifications and likes, and think the universe revolves around =


Methinks that nostalgia is not what it used to =



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