11/28/16 Grif.Net – Rabbi

11/28/16 Grif.Net – Rabbi

On a remote island lived a native group of little =
people called “Trids”.  Their only enemy was an evil =
giant that would appear randomly and beat and pummel, stomp and kick =
these natives mercilessly.  Each year they formed a religious =
procession and climbed a high mountain to make an offering to appease =
the evil giant.

Sadly, each year the giant would come out and =
attack the procession.  A Jewish friend suggested that they needed =
a rabbi to make acceptable sacrifices, so he paid for his rabbi to =


The group, led by the rabbi, made the arduous climb =
and sure enough, the mean giant came out and started to kick and beat =
all the islanders.  The rabbi cringed, expecting the same =
punishment as the Trid people he was with. But when he opened his eyes, =
the giant was just staring at him calmly.  He asked the giant why =
he had been spared the punishment.


The giant =
replied, “Silly rabbi, kicks are for =



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