10/25/16 Grif.Net – Booty

10/25/16 Grif.Net – Booty

Captain Kidd prepared with his crew to search =
for buried treasure. Before setting out he consulted with his dentist, =
who advised him that all the best treasure out there was in the gold =
fillings of the teeth of various bodies, such as he might find in a =
cemetery or at the site of some battlefield.

He kept this advice secret from his crew, and =
so when they landed on a deserted island, they scattered, each using his =
own preferred means of treasure hunting, while Captain Kidd looked for =
cemeteries. He found several, dug up the bodies, and extracted many gold =
fillings from many teeth. He also came upon an old battlefield, and by =
exhuming the bodies there he was able to find still more gold =

He returned to the ship and met his crew, who =
had come back empty-handed, while Captain Kidd had two pouches brimming =
with the fruits of his labor. The crew asked him the secret of his =
success, to which he replied, "Before setting out, I consulted with =
my dentist who said to me, ‘Booty is tooth, and tooth booty. That is all =
you know on earth, and all you need to =



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