05/24/16 Grif.Net – US Trivia

05/24/16 Grif.Net – US Trivia

1. About Taxis.  Which city in the US has the =
most taxicabs?  About how many people use them on an average =


2. About Marriage.  Which states have the lowest =
marriage rate in the US?  Which states have the =


3. About Housing. About how many abodes does the =
average American live in during the course of a =


4. About Size. What European nation is about the same =
size as Florida?


5. About =
Size (part 2). What European nation is about the same size as =


6. About Natural Disasters. What was the deadliest =
natural disaster in US history?


7. About =
Deserts. What desert in larger than the entire continental =


8. About Population. While China and the US are about =
the same size in land area, but how much larger is China in population =
than the US?


9. About Water. What state has more shoreline than the =
entire eastern seaboard of the US?


10. About =
Prisons. Men outnumber women in prisons by what ratio?


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