05/13/16 Grif.Net – Only on Friday the 13th

05/13/16 Grif.Net – Only on Friday the 13th

Q: It’s Friday the =
13th. Do you have any superstitions?
A: No. I think it’s unlucky to =
have superstitions, and something bad might =


Q: Why aren’t =
people in America afraid of Friday the 13th?
A: After losing their =
home, job, and 401k, and the prospect of Hillary as President, nothing =
scares them now!



Today is Friday the =
13th, and I’m catching a flight. Finland’s national airline =
"Finnair" has a flight numbered 666 going to Helsinki (city =
has the three-letter designation "HEL") =


So my ticket says – =
Friday the 13th, Flight 666, to Hel

But even =

I have a =
layover in Newark.


[BTW, after meeting =
a few years earlier in college, my first date with my wife was Friday =
the 13th of September, 1968.  On the next Friday the =
13th (December 1968) I gave her an engagement ring.  =
Friday the 13th is MY lucky day . . . not so much for =



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