05/12/16 Grif.Net – Clear Conscience

05/12/16 Grif.Net – Clear Conscience

An elderly pastor =
was dying and wanted a clean conscience. He shared with his wife some of =
his secret thoughts, then asked her if she had any secrets from more =
than five decades of marriage

She took out a box from the close =
that she had kept well hidden.  In it were 4 eggs and $1,000. =

Of course he asked her, “What are the eggs for?” =


She answered. =
“For each time you gave a bad sermon, I put an egg in the =


The answer warmed =
the old pastor’s heart, as he preached many a sermon and there were just =
4 eggs.


Then he asked about =
the $1,000. She replied sheepishly. “Well, every time there was a =
dozen eggs in the box, I sold it and put a dollar =


Oh, my.



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