04/04/16 Grif.Net – More Gifts

04/04/16 Grif.Net – More Gifts

Christmas is long over, but with all the grandkids, =
birthday present shopping is another adventure.  So I walked into a =
store because I saw a Barbie doll and considered it for my =


"How much is that Barbie in the window?" =
I asked the shop sales clerk.


In a =
condescending manner she responded, "Which Barbie?  We have . =

p;       Barbie Goes to the Gym for =

p;       Barbie Goes to the Ball for =

p;       Barbie Goes Shopping for =

p;       Barbie Goes to the Beach for =

p;       Barbie Goes Nightclubbing for =
$19.95 and

p;       Barbie Gets a Divorce for =


[Now, =
I had to ask, you know. Wouldn’t you?]

"Why is Divorced Barbie $269.95 when all the =
others are only $19.95?"


"Isn’t that obvious?" the clerk declared. =
"Divorced Barbie comes with Ken’s house, Ken’s car, Ken’s boat, =
Ken’s furniture…"


Oh, =



Dr Bob Griffin = =

"Jesus Knows Me, This I =