09/23/15 Grif.Net – Morning Coffee

09/23/15 Grif.Net – Morning Coffee

A young boy woke up early in the morning and =
decided he would do something special for his visiting =
Grandmother.  He had learned how to use the Keurig, so fixed her a =
cup of morning coffee and surprised her with it in bed.


Grandma was thrilled with the special attention, =
thanking her thoughtful grandson over and over. They sat and chatted, =
but as she got to the bottom of the mug, she noticed three little =
plastic green army men with which her grandson often played.  She =
looked at the big-eyed boy and asked incredulously, "What are these =
doing in my coffee?"


The =
boy replied, "Grandma, I heard on television about how to make =
special coffee.  The man said, ‘The best part of waking up  . =
. . is soldiers in your cup’."


Dr Bob Griffin

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