06/18/15 Grif.Net – Nicknames

06/18/15 Grif.Net – Nicknames

What do you call a fellow who is . .

Hiding in a hole: Phil

Sleeping on your porch: Matt

Hanging on your living room wall: Art

Sleeping in your mail box each month: Bill

Being towed behind a boat: Skip

Camping on the beach: Sandy

Flying over the fence: Homer

Hiding in a pile of leafs: Russell

Floating in the lake: Bob

Sitting with a car on his head: Jack

Sitting in the sun too long: Wilt

Falling in the campfire: Frank

Stuck in the bathroom: John

Throwing up: Ralph

Rock climbing: Cliff

Struck by lightning: Rod

Shaving for the first time: Nick

Getting pushed underwater by another: Duncan

Driving down a dirt road: Dusty

Locked in a bank vault: Rich

Dr Bob Griffin
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